Oh crap.

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I don’t know what’s gotten into me…Maybe it’s because so many bloggers are participating in this or maybe it’s just me feeling the need to clean up an organize (if you saw my apartment, you’d understand. It’s a disaster. Really.), but I’ve decided something needs to be done about this:

This is Rogue, in Cascade 220, a much nicer heathery shade than it appears to be here. It has been languishing in this form for almost 2 years now. Yes. I said 2. Years. That’s a really long time for something so close to being done, I know. All it needs is a hood, seaming, and a zipper. The problem? I don’t think I want to finish it. I hate seaming. A lot. And I’ve never seamed sleeves or had to attach set-in sleeves. I’ve sewn one zipper, and while I didn’t completely botch it, it wasn’t something I was really comfortable doing or something I enjoyed.  And that wasn’t even a full length zipper. Plus the thought of having to graft that hood? To be honest, I just don’t see any time in the near future when I will have the time and motivation to sit down and work on this. Still, the idea of ripping the whole thing out is a little frightening. If I knew what I wanted to do with that yarn instead, I wouldn’t be so concerned, but the thought of a sweater’s worth of wool added back to the stash without purpose isn’t really a pleasant one to me. I considered Eris, I have the pattern, but I’d really like something a little more fitted. I guess what I’ll do is go through my books, find something I want to make that will work with this yarn, and then rip. Have a plan before I just go for it. Any suggestions? I can’t seem to get recommended gauge with Cascade without the fabric being far too loose, so something in a light worsted is the way to go. I’m still torn, I’d kind of like to just rip the damn thing out right now but I don’t know why I should. I guess I just need to decide if I’ll ever actually want to sit down and seam and knit the hood and add the zipper. Right now it seems unlikely.

Not much other news…Joni of Union Center Knits sent me some furry yarns to make more hats, but I haven’t had much time the past couple weeks. I’ve got three finished and hope to get four more (thanks to Joni’s generosity). I’ve knit a few rows on the sock, nothing very exciting. School and life have just been seriously hectic lately, so it’s hard to squeeze knitting in. Spring Break is only 3 and a half weeks away though, maybe then I’ll have some time. Hopefully I’ll be back soon, at least to show off some crazy hats.


Look, I’m posting! I even have FOs!

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I’ve been trying to knit more lately…Mostly just trying to do more in general.  Despite what seems like a busy schedule, I definitely have a lot of free time and I’m trying to get better at taking advantage of it.  I’ve even joined a couple knit-a-longs, kind of.  One is the square-along (the link isn’t working at the moment, I’ll come back and add it later) at test-along.  The purpose of the squares is to make up a blanket for an upcoming book, but all the squares (including those not included in the book) will be made into blankets for Warm Up America, I believe).  Unfortunately, I didn’t know until I got the pattern that I don’t have sock yarn in the colors they’re looking for…I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to do about that, since I definitely don’t have money to spend on more yarn.  Maybe they’ll still want the square for the donation.  Also, if you check out Minestrone Soup, you’ll see she’s organized a whole bunch of knitters to knit fun fur hats for kids at Children’s Hospital Boston who are undergoing chemo and/or radiation treatments.  It feels good to be a part of this, because the hospital is somewhat local and the kids requested these hats…The hats are easy and quick and I’m pretty sure these kids will be pumped to get them.  So, I’ve finished a couple of those already:

The two finished hats are Moda Dea Fur Ever, and the next hat will be made from the ball in the middle, Moda Dea Kickx.  I can’t afford anymore yarn at the moment, but if anyone hats working with furry yarns and wants to get rid of what they’ve got, I’ll take it so I can make more hats! 😉

I also whipped up some mitts from Weekend Knitting…I’ve been wanting to try the pattern for a while now and had some Lamb’s Pride Worsted leftovers that turned out to be pretty much perfect.

They were a little too snug before blocking but now they’re great.  I definitely need to make some fingerless gloves too, because my hands and fingers are always cold and these mitts don’t quite cut it for my icy fingers.

I’ve been working on my socks too!  I decided I needed to at least try to clear some stuff out of the cache, plus I need some cozy warm socks.  After these, I’m gonna start some wool ones…It’s fucking COLD in New England right now!

Now it’s time for the real boring part, knitting that leg in 2×2 rib until I’m almost out of yarn.  I haven’t decided how to finish these socks yet.  The first one I switched to a 1×1 for an inch at the top but that was too tight.  I feel like if I just stick to 2×2 rib the whole way, it won’t look as finished as the 1×1 rib.  What do I do?

I still need to take pictures of the roving I got for Christmas from my roommate…It was honestly completely unexpected and one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve received.  She went out of her way to find something nice and something she knew I’d like, even though she doesn’t know anything about spinning.  It’s a beautiful merino/tussah blend from Ashland Bay in a color called Sea Mist, which my roommate chose because she knew I loved Star Island, and the ocean in general.  What a sweetheart!  Sadly, you’ll have to wait for pictures of that!  Maybe one of these days I’ll get back to spinning, but right now I feel like I’ve got a lot on my plate so I guess we’ll wait and see.  Oh, I’ll take pictures of my finished tam at some point soon too.

I know, I said I’d post yesterday

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So, I was hoping to go to Worcester Friday night, then I could have picked up the merino/silk roving I got, so I could show it off…But that didn’t happen. Here’s some other stuff though:

The books I got for Christmas – Handspun Revolution, A People’s History of the United States, A Gathering of Lace, Books, Prints, and Things, Stahman’s Shawls and Scarves, Victorian Lace Today, and Unexpected Knitting

More Christmas loot – A Lensbaby 3G and a Polaroid camera

Last night’s snack (garlic and herb goat cheese on pita and a banana) and the beginning of a tam from my hand-dyed handspun yarn, and a razorshell tank in Elann Luna.

The Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge in Boston, MA.

The almost finished tam blocking (I think I need to reknit the first few rows, it was a little loose pre-blocking) and marginal progress on the razorshell tank.

I’m not much into writing at the moment, so I hope this will suffice. And don’t forget about 365 Days, 365 Photos!

Where does the time go?

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I know everyone’s been busy with the holidays and everything, and I’m no exception…There hasn’t been much knitting either, since I had finals before Christmas and didn’t have the time to knit for anyone.  I’m starting up a couple projects right now, but they aren’t too exciting to look at yet.  I do have knitting books and spinning fiber to show off though…I’ll take some pictures and post tomorrow.  In the meantime, I’ve started up another blog called 365 Days, 365 Photos where I’ll be posting a daily photo…Maybe not always posting on a daily basis, but I’m going to do my best to take at least one photo a day (it’s actually harder when you take more than one because than you have to choose which one to post).  I know of at least one published photographer, Jim Brandenburg, who took one photo a day for three months (as far as I know, he made only one photo in a day) and I know some bloggers out there are doing this.

There’s a lot to say about a project like this, but since this isn’t knitting related, maybe I’ll write about it at the other blog.  So go check that out and I’ll be back in a day or two with knitting!

And they won’t sleep better alone

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First of all, Nona over at nonaKnits linked to me! Sweeeeet! She wrote a great entry on making a hem on a garment using a provisional cast-on, check it out!

That’s about the most exciting thing going on here at Dreadfull Knitting at the moment…School has gotten kind of busy, the weather is slowing me down (or really, the less sunlight is bringing me down). Less energy, less motivation…The past few years I’ve noticed I start to feel a bit depressed in the late fall and the winter, and this year isn’t really any different. It’s not that bad though, I manage. I’m almost done the sock, I’m just trying to squeeze as many inches out of the yarn as I can:

I haven’t tried it on in quite a while so I’m not quite sure how high up my leg it goes, but it’s pretty long! I hope they stretch enough to fit. I was debating skipping the 1×1 ribbing at the top but I think even these socks will need it. Plus I think a sock looks more finished with a nice 1×1 rib, tedious though it is.

That’s about the only knitting I’ve done lately…I’m really torn between trying to finish old (and I mean OLD) projects or starting new ones. Naturally the new ones are more appealing, but I think they’ll be more enjoyable and satisfying if there are no old projects waiting around. I have no deadlines to knit for (unless I decide to knit something for Ben for Christmas), so I can really knit whatever I want. I just don’t know what to do!

I tried to get pictures of my gerbils, but the lighting in my room is pretty terrible…Here’s the best one I got:

The problem is every lens has limitations. I took this using my fastest lens, but on the digital the focal length is too long. I know most people might not get that, but basically I can take a picture in low light but the lens does not give me enough of a wide angle. I don’t know if that made more sense actually…Anyway, this is Sugar, who lives with her sister Spice in a cage in my room. They’re really cute, but pretty shy. I try to get them to like me but they like Ben better…

Oh, and we have a mouse! Or two! Loose in the house that is, not pets. I picked up some humane mousetraps and set them where I’ve noticed the mice the most often. I think I saw two today, they had chewed through a trash bag…Regardless, I want them out of the house. I’m afraid they’ll get into the yarn stash and I don’t want that to happen. Catching the mice means I’ll have to drive a couple miles away from the house to set them free (they have strong homing abilities apparently) but it’s preferable to killing them. I did get snap traps in case the other ones don’t work, hopefully I don’t have to use them…

Wow, that was lots of useless information…If you come here just for the knitting, I’m sorry there hasn’t been much lately. I’ll get working on that soon.

Just a little bit…

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So, first things first…As of now, Dems have control of the House and are 3 seats away from holding the Senate! My candidate won in NH. These are good things!

Now, that that’s out of the way…There has been sock progress! I turned the heel today and it’s looking ok. My ribbing always seems to be wonky but especially so with these tiny needles and a wool/cotton/nylon blend yarn. Hopefully a good wash will even it out, it seems to work well on another pair of wool/cotton/nylon socks I made. Unfortunately, I have no good lighting to take pictures tonight so you’ll have to wait until at least tomorrow if not later. Busy week this week…

So in the meantime check this out and maybe help me win a scholarship! It’ll get better in the next few days, I’m gonna write a blog about working on Star Island and put up some more pictures to enter into a contest on the site about my job! I’ll post photos of the sock soon! In the meantime, cross you fingers for 3 more seats for the Dems…

Even Worcester is beautiful in the fall…

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(yeah, I played with a couple of them in Photoshop…You can see the rest over here)

Not much knitting going on, just the slow progress on the sock…The yarn is a tough one for me to knit, ribbing is tough in the round for some reason, I’m using metal DPNs and hating them, so it’s hard to motivate myself to work on it. I broke one of myBrittany birch DPNs so I’m waiting on a replacement…

In the background you can see the gerbil cage (yes, we have a hamster and two gerbils…) and the Daily Show on the TV…That’s about all that going on at the moment.