Really, there’s been knitting!

I’ve never been good with titles…

So, I test-knit a fingerless glove pattern this weekend for Katherine Summer. I finished the first one of a pair of her Victorian Gauntlets in a couple days. It was a nice, quick, easy knit, the pattern is well written and easily adjustable to different sizes and comes in a long and short version. Check it out:

Once mid-terms are over and Spring Break is here, I’ll be able to start to second one…

And for my directed study, I had to make an altered book, some I’m knitting one:

The process of making the yarn got a little old.  There will be more to it eventually, but this will wait until Spring Break too.  I’ll write up a more interesting post about it when I have more time, like maybe during, um…Spring Break?  Yeah.


~ by Whitney on February 27, 2007.

2 Responses to “Really, there’s been knitting!”

  1. Nice arm thingies – and what a cool idea for ‘altered book.’ What type of class is this assignment for?

  2. These are beautiful. Liz H. told me you had a knitting blog and since I have one too, and we actually know each other in real life, I thought I would check you out. Your FOs are beautiful.

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