Oh crap.

I don’t know what’s gotten into me…Maybe it’s because so many bloggers are participating in this or maybe it’s just me feeling the need to clean up an organize (if you saw my apartment, you’d understand. It’s a disaster. Really.), but I’ve decided something needs to be done about this:

This is Rogue, in Cascade 220, a much nicer heathery shade than it appears to be here. It has been languishing in this form for almost 2 years now. Yes. I said 2. Years. That’s a really long time for something so close to being done, I know. All it needs is a hood, seaming, and a zipper. The problem? I don’t think I want to finish it. I hate seaming. A lot. And I’ve never seamed sleeves or had to attach set-in sleeves. I’ve sewn one zipper, and while I didn’t completely botch it, it wasn’t something I was really comfortable doing or something I enjoyed.  And that wasn’t even a full length zipper. Plus the thought of having to graft that hood? To be honest, I just don’t see any time in the near future when I will have the time and motivation to sit down and work on this. Still, the idea of ripping the whole thing out is a little frightening. If I knew what I wanted to do with that yarn instead, I wouldn’t be so concerned, but the thought of a sweater’s worth of wool added back to the stash without purpose isn’t really a pleasant one to me. I considered Eris, I have the pattern, but I’d really like something a little more fitted. I guess what I’ll do is go through my books, find something I want to make that will work with this yarn, and then rip. Have a plan before I just go for it. Any suggestions? I can’t seem to get recommended gauge with Cascade without the fabric being far too loose, so something in a light worsted is the way to go. I’m still torn, I’d kind of like to just rip the damn thing out right now but I don’t know why I should. I guess I just need to decide if I’ll ever actually want to sit down and seam and knit the hood and add the zipper. Right now it seems unlikely.

Not much other news…Joni of Union Center Knits sent me some furry yarns to make more hats, but I haven’t had much time the past couple weeks. I’ve got three finished and hope to get four more (thanks to Joni’s generosity). I’ve knit a few rows on the sock, nothing very exciting. School and life have just been seriously hectic lately, so it’s hard to squeeze knitting in. Spring Break is only 3 and a half weeks away though, maybe then I’ll have some time. Hopefully I’ll be back soon, at least to show off some crazy hats.


~ by Whitney on February 8, 2007.

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