And they won’t sleep better alone

First of all, Nona over at nonaKnits linked to me! Sweeeeet! She wrote a great entry on making a hem on a garment using a provisional cast-on, check it out!

That’s about the most exciting thing going on here at Dreadfull Knitting at the moment…School has gotten kind of busy, the weather is slowing me down (or really, the less sunlight is bringing me down). Less energy, less motivation…The past few years I’ve noticed I start to feel a bit depressed in the late fall and the winter, and this year isn’t really any different. It’s not that bad though, I manage. I’m almost done the sock, I’m just trying to squeeze as many inches out of the yarn as I can:

I haven’t tried it on in quite a while so I’m not quite sure how high up my leg it goes, but it’s pretty long! I hope they stretch enough to fit. I was debating skipping the 1×1 ribbing at the top but I think even these socks will need it. Plus I think a sock looks more finished with a nice 1×1 rib, tedious though it is.

That’s about the only knitting I’ve done lately…I’m really torn between trying to finish old (and I mean OLD) projects or starting new ones. Naturally the new ones are more appealing, but I think they’ll be more enjoyable and satisfying if there are no old projects waiting around. I have no deadlines to knit for (unless I decide to knit something for Ben for Christmas), so I can really knit whatever I want. I just don’t know what to do!

I tried to get pictures of my gerbils, but the lighting in my room is pretty terrible…Here’s the best one I got:

The problem is every lens has limitations. I took this using my fastest lens, but on the digital the focal length is too long. I know most people might not get that, but basically I can take a picture in low light but the lens does not give me enough of a wide angle. I don’t know if that made more sense actually…Anyway, this is Sugar, who lives with her sister Spice in a cage in my room. They’re really cute, but pretty shy. I try to get them to like me but they like Ben better…

Oh, and we have a mouse! Or two! Loose in the house that is, not pets. I picked up some humane mousetraps and set them where I’ve noticed the mice the most often. I think I saw two today, they had chewed through a trash bag…Regardless, I want them out of the house. I’m afraid they’ll get into the yarn stash and I don’t want that to happen. Catching the mice means I’ll have to drive a couple miles away from the house to set them free (they have strong homing abilities apparently) but it’s preferable to killing them. I did get snap traps in case the other ones don’t work, hopefully I don’t have to use them…

Wow, that was lots of useless information…If you come here just for the knitting, I’m sorry there hasn’t been much lately. I’ll get working on that soon.


~ by Whitney on November 21, 2006.

One Response to “And they won’t sleep better alone”

  1. you are amazing at knitting, we’re learning this weekend !

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