I’m a little Concernicus

I hope someone out there gets the Dane Cook reference. I wasn’t sure if I should capitalize “concernicus” or not, but I think it works.

Anyway…I started knitting a sock!

A toe-up Jaywalker to be exact! I know I’m WAY late to this bandwagon, but I’m jumping on anyway. I’m using some Lang Jawoll Cotton Jacquard that I got in Portsmouth while I was working on Star (so these socks are MINE. ALL MINE. Little bit of sentimental value, you know?). The yardage is a bit different than that suggested in the original Jaywalker pattern, which is why I decided on toe-up. Unfortunately I’m still a little worried…

Notice the wrinkling/bunching on the right side? I’m not really sure what to do about that. I’m assuming by row gauge in pattern is different than my row gauge in stockinette. I’m hoping it’ll either stretch itself out and be unnoticeable when it’s being worn, or that it’ll work itself out with a nice blocking (block my swatch? Who blocks swatches? Who even makes swatches? Actually, I half-swatched. I started a sock, tried it on as I went, ripped out the socks and changed needle size). I’m excited though, it’s already time to turn the heel (short-row, none of that crazy heel-flap business for me)! I started this sock a couple days ago and it’s already halfway there! Hopefully it won’t be all bunchy when it’s done, that would really make me sad.

Of course, I should be trying to finish the Kid Seta scarf…It doesn’t have far to go and then I need to buy some matching Perle Cotton (which I swear I had already) to make some knotted fringe to finish it off. There are other projects to be finished, like a Rogue that’s been languishing for almost two years and scarf that’s about that old, but I’m at home which means I have access to the rest of my stash…I can’t resist bringing a few things back to Worcester, plus a couple of the knitting books I left here. I’ll try to finished my UFOs first, I swear! Really!

There’s more, there’s always more, but I’m pretty damn exhausted, so I think I’ll go to bed.\

Oh! I got gerbils! Two girls (sisters I think) named Sugar and Spice. I’ll take pictures ASAP! Ok, good night.


~ by Whitney on October 15, 2006.

2 Responses to “I’m a little Concernicus”

  1. Hi, I found you through AmberWavesofPain – I am a latecomer to the Jaywalker bandwagon too (see my most recent post). I love the colors in that yarn.

  2. Fantastic, I didn’t know about this topic till now. Thanks!

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