Oh, decisions, decisions…

The most important of which, at the moment: Should I make myself another drink? I think I will, but I also think I’ll sip it this time. But first, a bathroom break.

Ok, so I’ve just mixed drink number two…I don’t normally drink on Monday nights but I guess I was in the mood. I mean, no homework to do, I’ve been up since 6:00am, I’ve been in a funk all day. Sometimes a girl just needs some vodka, what can I say? This,

by the way, is my drink of choice tonight…White cranberry-strawberry juice, orange juice, and State vodka (comes in a plastic handle for $10.99. I’m on a tight budget. And originally it was intended as kind of a joke. A bunch of my girlfriends and I lived in the same dorm freshman year and used to drink State vodka and Keystone Light every weekend. We were supposed to have a kind of reunion on Friday night, hence the State. There’s Keystone Light in the fridge too. Unfortunately, the only girls who showed up for the reunion were me and my apartment mates, so there are some leftovers…). State vodka tastes terrible, obviously, so the juices and ice are necessary if I actually want to manage to choke this stuff down. Actually, this combo isn’t bad at all. Just let the ice melt to dilute it a bit 🙂

Annnnnyway…I had a lot to say, really. I never know where to start though because there’s never a definite beginning. I guess I’ll start with knitting. Haven’t done too much of it lately BUT…the Mata Hari Socks? They’re DONE! Like, officially, ends sewn in, blocking as we speak, D-O-N-E, DONE! I went a little picture crazy tonight. I think I was thinking that the more photos I take, regardless of the subject, the better my photos will eventually be. So, here are some Mata Hari Sock photos, with commentary interspersed:

It’s not that apparent in this photo, but the socks are slightly different sizes. I was knitting from both ends of the ball which I think might have affected my gauge a little bit. It more obvious in the blocking photo, which you’ll see soon.

Here you can see that the left sock is shorter than the right, despite the fact that I’m (pretty) sure they have the same number of repeats. The left sock also felt tighter than the right when I tried them on.

Another detail shot. I know you’ve seen it before, but they’re fun to take 🙂

The size difference is more obvious in this one, and the different striping/pooling that resulted from knitting from both ends of the ball…I’m really afraid these won’t fit mom, she wears a US8 shoe, I wear a US7, and these socks are a bit snug on me. I’m thinking if they don’t fit I’ll just ask her what she would like me to knit for her and I’ll make her two Christmas gifts. For some reason, she is one of the only people I knit for, so I think I could manage two Christmas gifts for her this year.

In other knitting news, well…There isn’t much. I only managed a couple repeats on the Kid Seta (I think I referred to it as Kidsilk Haze before, but it’s not) scarf this weekend since Ben (the boy) was home from Star from Friday until this morning. Still, I took a couple photos (what can I say, it’s what I do)

After dropping Ben off in Portsmouth, I decided I wasn’t feeling up to going to class today. For some reason being in Worcester has been really difficult…It’s very oppressive and depressing and I’m just not happy and always a little anxious so I thought it would be good to get away for a while. So I dropped off my rent check, went to the bank to deposit money for said rent check, and then went for an adventure. I wanted to check out this farmer’s market, but there was only one sign for it and then no further directions, so I just ended up driving out on 122 North and then 32a to get to Route 9 West. 122 and 32a are gorgeous…There weren’t too many people on the road and the light and the leaves were just beautiful (the photographers out there know what I mean…the quality of light today was spectacular, when the sun decided to make an appearance). I didn’t really feel like stopping to take photos today, but it’s good to know it’s there…I might try to go again before it starts to get cold. So I made my way to Route 9W and to Northampton. I thought it would be nice to hang out in such a cool town for a while, but I felt really out of place. No one was very friendly…I went into a bunch of shops and no one even said hello or offered to help me. I got a funny look as soon as I walked into the yarn store and pretty much immediately decided I wouldn’t buy anything. They didn’t have anything very exciting anyway…It was their loss though, I probably would have bought some sock yarn or something if they had even made an attempt to acknowledge my presence. Everywhere I went it was the same thing. I saw at least 6 people with dreadlocks, which was cool, but even they didn’t seem to notice me. It’s strange, I’m kind of used to standing out because of my hair, and definitely notice other dreadheads, but I didn’t even get a nod or a smile from these people. Noho is a small town but I could have been in NYC for all it mattered. I’m not trying to sound like an attention whore here, I guess I just needed people to be nice to me and it wasn’t happening. I’ve had more friendly interactions in Worcester. This morning at the bank a woman asked me about my dreads and asked to touch them. I really kind of like that.

Sorry for the rambling…Basically, I was hoping Noho would make me feel better, make me feel more connected or something, but it didn’t, so I went into the tobacco shop to pick up some stuff and headed back to the car. Before I left though, I stopped at The Mercantile and got these for $6.95:


The colors aren’t so outrageous in real life…The green is really lime green, not neon green. And the red is less pink and more crimson. It’s actually a really nice color combination, just basically impossible to capture in low, tungsten light. They’re too big, but I liked these colors the most out of all the options so I don’t really care. They’re really just for bumming around the house in, and they’re cozy. Except for the too-tight bind-off. If I ever get the motivation, maybe I’ll make myself a decent pair. The craftsmanship is pretty shoddy but what can you expect for 7 bucks?

And last but not least…I went to this place called the Holden Resource Recycling Center (or something to that affect) a week or two ago and found all this yarn. This place is run by an 88 year old woman and basically you can just go take whatever you want. She’s got everything…Yarn, fabric, jars, old books and magazines, boxes, puzzles…Everything people would probably just normally throw away, but instead they donate to the center and other people can take it for free. It’s really incredible that something like this exists in the Worcester area. Maybe next time I go I’ll take some photos so you can really see what it’s like.

Some of the yarn I got there is natural fiber, some not. I haven’t done a complete test of any of it yet, but I did do some burn tests so I have an idea of what most of it is. I realized after I got it that I should check it for moths but I don’t really know how to go about doing that since some of it is on cones. So it’s all Ziploc-ed and then grocery bagged (I know, I know, this won’t really stop moths from spreading. Please don’t remind me of this…). I was going to put it all in the freezer but then I read that freezing isn’t very effective unless it gets REALLY cold. So I don’t know what to do.

My favorite is the golden yellow stuff on the cone…

Unfortunately, based on the initial burn test, I’m pretty sure it’s mostly, if not completely, synthetic…I’m going to knit up a little swatch eventually though, just to be sure. Still, it’s a nice color and a nice feeling yarn, so I’m sure I’ll find a use for it.

Obviously in this post, I went for quantity, not quality, of photos. That’s what low-light photography will do. Sorry 🙂

If you made it this far, thanks for putting up with my half-drunk (honestly, quarter-drunk actually) ramblings…There is more to say but it’s pretty much not knitting-related so I’ll spare you. Oh, and if I get home some time soon, I’ll pick up my scanner and scan the photos I’ve been taking for class. They’re not knitting-related but I’m kind of proud of them, and it’s my blog dammit!

I think it’s almost bedtime.



~ by Whitney on October 3, 2006.

2 Responses to “Oh, decisions, decisions…”

  1. I live in the Worcester area, and I am curious about this Holden recycling resource center. Is it possible to tell me where it is located? Thanks!

  2. The socks are lovely, as is the scarf (what pattern are you using for the scarf?)

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