Homework, or blog? Homework, or…

Blog. Obviously 🙂

So I finally have something to post! First things first, the Mata Hari Socks are…almost done. I just finished a bit of ribbing at the top, so I just need to bind off and weave in the ends. Any suggestions on your favorite stretchy bind off?

So I went back to Star Island a couple of weekends ago when Hurrican Ernesto was making some big waves in the Atlantic and took a couple pictures before my lens crapped out (I don’t wanna talk about that…my beautiful, expensive wide-angle lens bit the big one for no apparent reason and it’s no longer under warranty…) Here’s one of the good ones:

I’ve never seen the water that high. We were getting hit by the spray from the waves and the wind was so strong I was afraid I might get knocked down. The swells on the ocean were at least 9-10 feet…The conference that was supposed to leave that day had to stay an extra night because the company that runs the boats couldn’t send any out.

I went to the island this past weekend too, and there were two skeins of handspun yarn chillin’ behind the front desk that no one had claimed for quite awhile. So, I claimed it! Not sure of it’s fiber contain but they both feel nice and wooly…

And finally, I’ve decided to finish some unfinished projects that have been languishing before starting any new ones. One the Mata Hari socks are done, I’m gonna finish a scarf I’m making out of Kidsilk Haze based on the lace pattern from Madli’s Shawl in the Summer 2004 Interweave Knits. I’ve been working on this for too long to remember and I’m ready for it to be done, so I can wear it and enjoy it!

And I just have to say, my 50mm F1.8 lens is my new favorite. It allows me to shoot in really low light and get some really cool effects by throwing backgrounds way out of focus. I’ve started taking pictures with black and white film and I’m really in love with the process of developing and printing again…Now if I could just be as passionate about the actual picture taking. For some reason, I’m just not very enthusiastic about school in general right now. I still feel like I’ve got some artist’s block going on and really, I just want to be back on Star Island and not in Worcester…


~ by Whitney on September 19, 2006.

One Response to “Homework, or blog? Homework, or…”

  1. Teehee!! Blog, obviously! And with so many pictures, you made me happy and jealous of your fabulous handspun yarn. Good luck with the homework, sounds like you might need it a tiny bit.

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