Maybe someday there will be knitting, and a knitting-related update…

But today is not that day. I didn’t accomplish much knitting at all while I was on Star Island. I can tell you that for the millionth time I had to rip Ene’s Scarf. It was painful but I couldn’t find the mistake I had made and my stitch count was off so it had to go. I’m not sure I have enough yarn for it…I’m using a yarn that’s way thinner than the one called for in the pattern (Using Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud instead of Blackberry Ridge Silk Blend Laceweight) and I’m not sure how that affects how much yardage I need. I had three skeins of the Alpaca Cloud but I’m probably down to at least 2 and a half. I started gauge swatching for a hat for a friend from the island, using Blue Sky Organic Cotton (which I love, by the way). I still need to wash the swatches though, before I can start the actual hat. And of course I found out he wanted a wool hat, so I might just start over. And mom’s Mata Hari Socks still aren’t finished…At this rate, they’ll end up being a Christmas present, not a birthday present!

I should have expected that I wouldn’t get much knitting done…I worked pretty long hours and spent a lot of time with people when I wasn’t working. When I have more time, I’ll write a really detailed entry about it, with pictures from the island and everything. Unfortunately, not many island pictures are processed yet, so you’ll have to settle for a couple self-portraits. It’s about time y’all see the dreads, right? And the new septum ring!

And from the back:

On the island, drinking at 10am (not a common occurence, I promise!):


~ by Whitney on September 1, 2006.

3 Responses to “Maybe someday there will be knitting, and a knitting-related update…”

  1. I love your hair. are dreads hard to manage? what’s the minimum length to get them?

  2. You are adorable.

  3. God, you are f***ing beautiful!

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