How many pictures of socks can I take?

Well, apparently at least two more…


I thought some "action" shots might be a little bit more exciting.  Obviously not that exciting though…I'm actually afraid these will be too small for mom but it's so hard to know.  I know she wears a size larger than me but I'm not sure how wide her feet are.  I'd really hate for them to end up too small, I really don't want to reknit them.  They're only my second pair of socks and I'm not having much trouble with them now, but starting them off was quite a pain in the ass and now I'm afraid I made the wrong decision by using 60 stitches instead of 70 stitches around (the repeat is 10 stitches long).  They've just gotten a bit tedious and I'm going to feel bad if they don't fit AND by pissed if I have to rip and reknit.

No other knitting today, though I might get some of my projects for Star Island (to be known henceforth simply as "Star") together later, and maybe do a little bit of work on Ene's Scarf.  This weather is kind of unmotivating though, so we'll see. 


~ by Whitney on June 8, 2006.

One Response to “How many pictures of socks can I take?”

  1. Action shot or not, it looks scrumptious! What yarn is that?

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