I'll post pictures later today but I just had to share something…I have a lot of free time so I surf the web a lot and find all kinds of random knitting blogs.  Today I stumbled upon one written by a 20 year old girl who had a whole bunch of conservative buttons and whatnot on her site…I find it interesting that so far, she has been in the minority of the knitting blogs I've read and honestly I had a hard time looking at her blog.  Some of the things on her site ("Annoy a liberal, work hard and be happy") are so ridiculously uneducated.  The more I'm exposed to that kind of blind, uninformed conservatism, the less faith I have in people as a whole.  The frightening thing about many people like that (not all, but many I've come into contact with) is that they don't have open minds, so it's impossible to even try to change them. 

I know this is off the knitting topic, I just find it interesting that so many knit blogs I've seen tend to have a liberal slant (if politics play any role in the blog to begin with).  I wonder if it's my own bias or the tendency of the knitting community to have more liberal views…I have no problem with a conservative speaking their mind, it's just sad to see people who are so convinced they're better than someone else because of their political views.  Politics suck.


~ by Whitney on June 8, 2006.

One Response to “Hmm…”

  1. You know, it’s very true that there seem to be more liberal-minded people involved in blogging in general.

    I tend to chalk it up to education. Yes, there ARE people who aren’t college-educated and techie-hip who blog, but they seem to be in the minority.

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