She spins too!

So, I was getting a little antsy and bored today, what with the crappy weather and only one major knitting project, so I decided to do a little spinning…

This is some wool I picked up at a local yarn store at home, which I purchased before I knew much about spinning. The owner of the shopped claimed this was merino from her on sheep, but it's not nearly as nice as any merino I've encountered. It's not a terrible fiber to spin but the staple length is a little short and there definitely some VM and grease in it. After a lot trial and error I've found it's best to really predraft this well, and then it's pretty easy to spin. I'm mostly spinning it up to get it out of the fiber stash and to get some more practice…I have a whole bunch of great stuff I want to spin, hopefully some time before I die, so I want to just get through this stuff.

I do still need to work on the socks, since they're a birthday present for my mom and her birthday's uh, June 4th…which would technically mean tomorrow. Obviously they won't be done on time, but I wanted to start the second sock so I would know how long to make the cuffs, so I'm knitting each sock from different ends of the same ball. Once I get the second sock to the same place as the first, I'll probably knit a row or two on one and then to other to get as much out of the ball as possible. For some weird reason, even though I'm using the same kind of needles, I was having a couple issues with ladders on the second sock but I think it'll be ok.
Oh and I finished the first wasit tab for Asana…It's not exactly a huge accomplishment, but I'm one step closer to finishing it. Right?

You'd think with all these free time I'd be getting a lot more done but motivation has, unfortunately, been scarce at best.


~ by Whitney on June 3, 2006.

One Response to “She spins too!”

  1. Your pictures look like they belong in a knitting book, they’re always so beautiful!

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