It may be too soon to judge…

…but this whole using the blog to motivate myself to knit might be working!

Oh, wait…

There we go! Above is a Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa. I know next to nothing about wine, I just grabbed a random, affordable white (I was in the mood for cold wine, it's been warm around here, and we gots no air conditioning). Besides drinking (what, I just turned 21 and I don't start working until June. I do what I want!), I've started knitting something else! Or rather, part of something else…I've been working on Asana from Knitty for, well, quite a while now, and it's just waiting for the waist tabs to be done before I can sew it up. The tabs are pretty easy and this one is coming along pretty quickly. of course, I lost my copy of the pattern, so I don't remember what size I was knitting or what size needles I was using, but it looks good enough. Obviously, this will probably be coming back to bite me in the ass very, very soon.

Oh! I've also been reading!

The Yarn Harlot's first and third book (you may recall I just recently got the first, I also just got the third for my birthday), which are both entertaining and very helpful and informative, and You Can't be Neutral on A Moving Train by Howard Zinn. I've been wanting to read this and other books by Howard Zinn for quite a while now and I received this one as a birthday present from my brother (along with a couple things from Lush). I started it yesterday and I've read a good bit, it's really inspiring and informative, well written and easy to read. I'm sure I'll have more to say about it when I've finished reading.

Guess that's all for now, have a good night, err…morning, um…Yeah.

Oh, and in case no one noticed, I think tabs are the best thing ever.


~ by Whitney on May 31, 2006.

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