So I was reading along at Persnickety Knitter (browsing the webring, you know) and she had written a while ago about Noro and how many freaking knots there are in it…I just recently bought 12 balls of Silk Garden for the Lady Eleanor Stole and didn't hear about people's issues with Noro until after the fact. It's so disappointing that I'm going to have to rewind all those balls and probably deal with a bajillion knots. The stuff is absolutely gorgeous but considering the price, you'd think Noro would care a little bit more about the quality of its product. *sigh*

That's all there is to say at the moment, I've been trying to work on some socks for my mom for her birthday (with some cotton-elastic yarn from Greenwood Fiberworks) but I've had to rip out the toe at least three times, which does not keep me motivated to keep restarting them…Hopefully this time the toe will be the right size and won't get messed up in some unfixable way so I can move on to the easy part. I love toe-up socks but starting them in DPNs sucks. I keep trying to give DPNs another chance but every time, I find I just like working on two circulars more. It's fast, easier, and less fiddly to me. Anyway, the socks are the from same pattern that Grumperina used with this yarn, Mata Hari Socks. I considered some other patterns, but I figured cables weren't a good idea and anything but simple lace was out. I did consider Jaywalkers (Majorly inspired by Grumperina? Me? No!) but as she said, it's hard to tell when stretchy yarn will do on the bias. So Mata Hari's it is. More interesting then plain stockinette, simple enough to show off the yarn nicely. Pictures to come after I've made a little bit more progress and when I, uh, take pictures.

Ok, now I'm done. 


~ by Whitney on May 18, 2006.

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